Less Work, More Life

If you are new around here, then you will notice I am not one to blog.  For the past two years, updating my website and blogging on the regular has been on the perpetual to do list…and I have just not been able to make it happen.

And I am finally okay with that.

Baby #2 and a move to Alaska woke me up to the reality that I just cannot do it all.  I cannot take on as much work as I had before.  Period.  The ambitious, never ending to-do list was never going to be checked off unless I gave in and removed a couple to-do’s.  I knew I had to be wise about which ones to remove.

I recently read “Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist and the book resonated with me so deeply.  (If you are an overwhelmed working parent you need to read it now.)

I found myself nodding yes, snapping pictures of pages, and literally having “ah-ha!” moments that stopped me in my tracks and moved me to re-read passages over and over to really absorb the words. Just one of many quotes that struck me:

“Sometimes being brave is being quiet. Being brave is getting off the drug of performance. For me, being brave is trusting that what my God is asking of me, what my family and community is asking of me, is totally different than what our culture says I should do.”

My work has always been motivated by the need for a creative outlet – not making money or gaining popularity.  Honestly.  But, I am a people pleaser and fell into the trap of always saying “yes” until my schedule was completely maxed out and I had little time left for family, friends and pursuing other creative activities of interest to me.  I truly believe that “if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life,” but when you start to have an imbalance of work to your personal life, then your craft starts to lose its luster.  I knew I had to take action before that happened.

It’s not easy to put on the brakes and get used to saying “no.” I admit it was a struggle at first and felt completely unnatural.  But when you finally build up the courage to take control and get your priorities straight, it is tremendously freeing.

The book served as a reminder to put my focus back on faith and family.  I do sometimes wish of returning to work in the salon or growing my photography business, but it’s just not where my heart is.  These things absolutely feed my creative soul and they will always be a part of my life, but they are not going to run my life.  My heart is at home, where it should be; and it is where I want to spend my days while our children are still little.

I am finally at a place where I can control how much I want to do and know when to put on the brakes.  The quote “work to live, don’t live to work,”  is so simple yet so remarkably true.  You clearly need to work to make a living, but it should never take precedence over God and family.  Period.  And yet many people mistakenly fall into this trap.

I’m tremendously grateful I have the opportunity to work less…especially knowing not everyone is granted this option.  But we are all given the gift of today and each day amounts to a lifetime.  I want my life to be spent living by my faith, loving my family, and then pursuing my passions.

Maybe one day I will get around to updating my website and blogging on the regular…but that day definitely won’t be today.

And I am okay with that.



My greatest accomplishment.

Baby J

Back in the spring we welcomed another little lady into our family.  Big sister couldn’t be any more excited about having baby J around, and we couldn’t be either!




2015 Maternity Favorites | Hampton Roads, VA maternity photographer



30 weeks

Because I don’t take enough photos of my family…me and my girl.  30 weeks pregnant.


2015 Newborn favorites | Hampton Roads, VA newborn photographer














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